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The Secrets to My Success (Secret #2)

The Secrets to My Success (Secret #2)

There’s a quote I read a few years ago that radically changed how I make decisions in my personal and professional lives. It was from Danielle LaPorte and it was something like, if it doesn’t light you up, you aren’t the right person for the job.

When you think about the daily work that you do, how much of it lights you up? How much of it sucks your soul from your body? Ands the funny thing is, for another person, what lights you up would actually suck their soul and vice versa.

There are two reasons why this frame of mind is so important to me.

#1 Life is Short

We all know this. And yet I meet so many people who are going to work everyday hating their job, hating the people they work with, dreading the clients they have on their schedule. Life is too short to spend most of it not loving the work you do.

#2 You’re Holding up Someone Else’s Growth

In my last corporate job I ran one of the largest Health, Fitness & Recreation centres in Canada. I was 28, had a huge budget, huge staff and volunteer team and a huge 78,000 square foot facility. By what most people in our industry use to measure success, I had made it. I had climbed the corporate ladder and was hanging on the golden ring.

But the truth of it was that I was miserable. The only thing that made my work bearable most days was the amazing staff team that I got to work with everyday.

And one day, one of those staff, one of my managers, came into my office and asked me what I was doing still working there. She was blunt. I looked at her funny…a bit confused. She told me that she knew what I was passionate about, everyone did. It oozed from me. I was passionate about teaching and mentoring fitness professionals. And that if she has something that she was that passionate about she wouldn’t be sitting at a desk, running a facility that drained the very spark from her soul (which is what was happening to me and apparently all my staff could see it happening). And then she hit me with it, I was holding a spot that was her dream job. The job that I dreaded coming to everyday was her absolute dream job. But as long as I continued to sit in that seat, she wouldn’t have the opportunity. That really hit me, like really hit me.

Now I get that our jobs can’t be sunshine, rainbows and kittens all the time. But in my opinion, it should be that way most of the time. Click To Tweet

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