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Business Karma

Business Karma

We believe that when we help others achieve their dreams, we create some serious business karma!  We don’t know when, we don’t know how, we just know it happens. When you help someone else, just for the pure reason that you can, the appreciation and joy that comes back is usually enough to make your heart overflow with gratitude.

Example….I’ve been so fortunate to get to know Gillian Goerzen over the past couple of years. She is an amazing fitness professional who is dedicated to disrupting the fitness industry (in a good way). We’ve had coffee dates, passing conversations at conferences and impromptu brainstorming phone calls. It’s a relationship that both her and I have been nurturing. Last year she wrote her first book, The Elephant in the Gym, and I got to read an advance copy. It was incredible! More to this story in a moment…

A few years back I took an online course with Jonathan Goodman (the Online Trainer Academy). I was so impressed with the content and the delivery that when Jonathan was looking for affiliate partners to help promote the course, I was all in. As a result I had the chance to have a one-on-one video chat with Jonathan to learn more about what he was up to (if you don’t know Jonathan, he is one of the most influential people in the Personal Training field). Jon is another person who is disrupting our field (in a good way).

Back to Gillian and her book….After reading it, my first thought was, ALL Personal Trainers NEED to read this book. Gillian wrote it for the general public, but there was so much in there that could help personal trainers understand their clients better and be more effective in helping them.

So…..naturally, I needed to connect Gillian and Jon, these two disruptors that I admire and respect…and so I did. Gillian sent him a copy of her book, he read it, he loved it and wrote a fantastic testimonial to help promote it.

Did I have to connect Gillian and Jonathan? Nope.

Am I super stoked that two of our favorite people in the fitness industry are now connected and aware of each other? Yup

And you just never know where those connections will lead…

Who do you know that you can help by building some connections? Reach out to them and offer to help, create some business karma.

I bet you want to know more about these two now…

Gillian Goerzen – The Elephant in the Gym

Jonathan Goodman – The Online Trainer Academy