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The Secrets to My Success (Secret #1)

I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately from personal trainers who either have decided to leave the industry or seriously considering it. A lot. Like threads and threads of conversations.

I can’t see myself ever leaving this industry, I couldn’t imagine a life that did not include doing this work. And it got me to thinking….what’s different about my path? What are the secrets to my success of having a 23+ year career in the health and fitness industry? Well, there are a few things that come to mind. The first I’ll share in this post, and it’s having variety in what you do.

I always have a few different things that I am doing at any given time. I could never be a full time trainer again. I’ve been there, got the t-shirt But all those different things are all in this industry, that is the thread that connects them all (and prevents me from going bonkers).

It’s All About Variety

I don’t get bored – I get bored really easily and when I’m bored I’m completely disengaged. By having a few different things on the go at any given time I have the chance to be challenged in different ways so there is always learning and growth (which are things that fuel me).

Multiple streams of revenue – by having some variety I also have money coming in from a few different places.I have three main sources of revenue:

    1. Working with clients one-on-one (mostly Personal Trainers who come to me for life coaching and career mentoring)
    2. Teaching courses/workshops for fitness professionals
    3. contract/consulting work for private and public fitness/recreation facilities

The beauty of multiple streams is when one area slows down for a period of time, it’s not catastrophic, there are 2 other places where money is coming in.

Watch Out for Too Many Burners

Now there are two really significant downsides to having variety in your work. And these downsides can be catastrophic to your business/career and your life.

  1. Your stove ends up with too many burners –  years ago when I was training to become a life coach one of my mentors was giving me some coaching. I was complaining that I had too much on the go and that I needed to put a few things “on the back-burner”. Her response was that I had too many bloody burners on my stove. It’s easily for the variety that you have in your work to multiply like Gremlins if you aren’t careful.
  2. You can lack focus and direction – this is related to the first downside…if you’re not careful, all the variety that you’re bringing into your work can start to erode your focus and your direction. You end up saying yes to too many things that aren’t in direct alignment with where you want your business/career to go. The result is that your time and energy are fractured in too many directions and you can’t get the success that you’re looking for.

I truly believe that having variety in my work is what has allowed me to continue to love this industry and to keep my passion thriving. If your work is primarily the same thing day in and day out I encourage you to think about other things you could do in our industry that would mix things up a bit.

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